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Oceana Naval Air Station
Oceana Naval Air Station is open to bus tours that leave the Kiosk area on Atlantic Avenue from May to September each year. Oceana is the major jet-port and training facility for the Atlantic Fleet and over 200 jet aircraft are assigned to the base. Assigned planes fly in or out of Oceana when the aircraft carrier battle groups return or leave on their six month deployments.
The Aviation Historical Park located just inside the Main Gate on Tomcat Blvd is open daily to military and DOD employees and people on the base tour. Park includes 13 aircraft on display. There is an observation park located on Oceana Boulevard at the POW/MIA Flame of Hope Memorial Park, which is near the runways to watch aircraft take-off and land. 
Call for the tour schedule, rates and information at 757-640-6300.
Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek
Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, home of those modern day heroes who went to sea to aid in the recovery of recent flights lost over the ocean. The Grapple is home-ported here. Little Creek is also a training facility for the illustrious Navy Seals.
Fort Story Army Base

Fort Story is a United States Army installation used as a training facility and much of the fort is off-limits to the public. However there are three notable sites on the property where visitors are more than welcome to enter the complex to see these historic spots. They include the First Landing Cross, which marks the landfall site of the English colonists that first settled Jamestown in 1607; Admiral de Grasse statue honoring the French Fleets efforts in aiding in the defeat of Cornwallis at Yorktown and the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse.