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Virginia Beach Weddings

There's nothing more beautiful than having the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop for a once in a lifetime beach wedding.  The sand, the surf, the smell of salt air, and the call of seagulls overhead all come together to create the perfect setting for your special day.


Why not go a step further  and consider having Virginia Beach be your "Wedding Moon" - combining the wedding ceremony and honeymoon in one unforgettable vacation!  It's a great way to bring the wedding party and guest together and afterwards the happy couple can enjoy a romantic destination for their special time together.  It certainly would help save on expenses if you're on a budget.


Sandbridge Beach is a perfect destination for a beach wedding.  Siebert Realty offers spacious, first class "Special Event" houses along the oceanfront or bayside that are perfect for hosting a large wedding.  Check out the availability on Siebert Realty's website at http://www.siebert-realty.com/htmls/spevents.php


Here are a few Virginia Beach City links to help get you started:

Obtaining a Marriage License
Beach Weddings - City Guidelines
Fees / Info on Virginia Beach Wedding in a City Park


Siebert Realty - Wedding Houses / Accommodations

(877) 422-2200

(757) 426-6200

Siebert Realty - The Beach People.  Over 400 Beach Home and Condo Rentals for weddings and honeymoons.  Large wedding houses available that can sleep up to 30 people.

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Wedding Caterers:

Grand Affairs Catering


(757) 460-9786


Chuck Burleson Photography


(757) 422-8756


Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel 


(757) 495-8003


The Wedding Chapel at Marinia Shores


(757) 641-4010


Grand Affairs Catering


(757) 460-9786