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Jet Skis

Rudee Inlet Jet Ski:
Rudee Inlet Jet Ski affords an entertaining adventure for the whole family. Jet skiis, sports boats and ocean kayak rentals can all be found at this location on 5th and Pacific. 757-428-4614


Adventure Parasail is the longest-established parasailing company at the Beach. With an experienced, professional crew that has earned a perfect safety record, Adventure Parasail has their own patented Skyrider® that will take up 1, 2 or more parasailors for the ride of their life! Tandem and single harness rides also available. 757-428-4614

Air America Parasail claims the best view in the beach and that means up, up and away! Located at the end of Mediterranean at Rudee Inlet, they have a professional crew to handle the one and two person flights that soar over the beachfront. Come take the challenge and say hello to the birds! 757 428-1240

Virginia Beach Surfing

Quite honestly, what would the city of Virginia Beach be without  the favorite pasttime of surfing?  It has truly defined this area in so many ways.  From it's earliest beginnings back in the 50s and 60s, surfing introduced the Virginia Beach community to a way of life... "a laid back, go with the flow, no worries, live in the moment" philosophy.  And it's this easy going lifestyle that folks love about Virginia Beach.  Surfing is enjoyed by the young and old alike (you hear that baby boomers), and the best thing about surfing is it's FREE.  So in appreciation, we want to thank all the surfers of the past, present, and future for reminding us daily that we are here to have fun.  Remember... "Life is not a dress rehearsal", so live well.  :)


Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

The fast-growing water sport at the beach is Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP).  This fun activity has really become popular in the past decade. Originating in the islands of Polynesia, it was picked up by surfers in Hawaii as a way of keeping fit while training for competitions. Paddleboarding combines surfing and kayaking, but is better than both as you can stand up on a board and use a paddle to propel yourself forward.  It’s a fun, easy way to play on the water!  With a minimum of equipment, you can paddle anything from ocean surf to the lakes and rivers—and best of all, no waves are required.  And since you're standing at your full height, you'll enjoy excellent views of everything from sea creatures to what's on the horizon. It's almost like walking on water!



Paddleboard Rentals:

Looking to rent a paddleboard during your vacation at Sandbridge?  Call Moneysworth Beach Equipment Rentals at 800-662-2122 or place an order online at http://bit.ly/OzEQkV  (under Water Sports).

Surfing Information

Surf Report

Local surfers are always chasing that perfect wave. It's what they do. So to save time, simply check with local surf shops or online sources for recommendations. www.swellinfo.com is a good site on wave conditions.


Surfboard & Paddleboard Rentals

If you couldn't bring your own board on vacation or don't own one and would like to give surfing a try, call Moneysworth Rental Equipment about surfboard rentals. 800-662-2122 / 757-468-3999  http://bit.ly/OzEQkV (under Water Sports).


Surf Shops

We list the best surf shops in the area under our Shopping Category (Click here) In our opinion, the best custom made boards around are by local surf legend, Bill Frierson of Frierson Designs. Check out his website at: Frierson Designs Bill has been referred to as "Chairman of the Board" in the surfboard industry for his unparallelled skill in shaping the perfect board. A true artist in every sense of the word. So it goes without saying, if you don't have a Frierson board in your collection, you're not a local.



East Coast Surfing Championship

ECSC is North America's Oldest Running Surfing Competition and the second oldest continuously-run surfing contest in the world.

Held annually in Virginia Beach, Virginia since 1963, ECSC is more than just surfing. Dozens of people also take part in other competitions including skimboarding, volleyball, an oceanfront 5K run, a swimsuit competition and the extreme sport of skateboarding. Live bands perform for free on an oceanfront stage throughout the weekend. A cost is involved to participate in competitions, but all activities are free and open to the public.


Surfing - Surf Lessons

VB Surf Sessions
899 Vanderbilt Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 633-5330

Titus Surf School
4400 Ocean Front Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23451             
(877) 370-7873

Wave Riding Vehicle
1900 Cypress Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-4107
(757) 428-1877

Whalebone Surf Shop
1616 Laskin Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 437-8141

Surf & Adventure Co.
577 Sandbridge Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
(757) 721-6210


Kayak Tours:

Take a guided Dolphin Kayaking Adventure! YLaunches take place in the calm waters at 64th Street inside First Landing State Park and Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. They also offer many other paddling locations, as well as all day trips. Visit their website at www.kayaknaturetours.net or call directly to plan your next kayaking adventure.  (757) 480-1999 Toll Free (888) 669-8368


Kayak Rentals:

Moneysworth Rentals - 468-3999

Moneysworth Kayak Rentals

Kayak Launch Sites:  


Boat Rentals

Sea Venture Boat Rentals:

is off Laskin Road, just five blocks from the oceanfront. Rentals include jet boats, ski boats, pontoon boats and equipment for skiing or fishing. For full or half day rentals call 757-422-0079.